Here’s what some of our clients are saying about Cary Massage.
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By Heather B – 9/18/16

Cary Massage offers relaxation at a great value! I have seen several therapists over the last ten years. Helen was fantastic for prenatal massage so patient and really cared about making me comfortable (I had twins so that was not easy!) I now see Akeria for deep tissue. She is pleasant, funny and is always sure to ask about pressure and comfort level. I receive deep tissue massage – I work at a computer full time and also have twin toddlers. I carry all my tension in my shoulders and neck and am notoriously tight to the point of it being painful. I always feel so much better when I leave – my shoulders are no longer up to my ears. Haha! I loooove the sinus massage! I never had that before until Helen and that was heavenly. Who knew? I also love the customer service, convenience to my house and the specials/discounts. I believe that they offer the best value for the money in the area.

By Ginny S – 9/6/16

I have been coming to Cary Massage on and off for 3 years. One thing I have really appreciated has been  the quick response from the owner, Nicole, for appointments to relieve pain. The second thing I have really appreciated is all the kind, intuitive, and professional, therapeutic therapists. There is an air of care within the whole center. Thanks,everyone!

By Alisha M – 9/6/16

I have been going to Cary Massage for the past year and have had the best massage experiences there! During the consultation prior to my massage, my massage therapist, listened patiently as I described the recurring issue with a muscle on the right side of my back. After I showed her where I tend to have the most back discomfort she worked her magic! I left the office feeling refreshed and like my circulation was immediately better—I had forgotten all about the strained muscle in my back. I also noticed a major increase in my energy, mood and overall mental clarity. The staff at Cary Massage have always been easy to work with and fast, friendly and efficient. My past experiences with other massage businesses both local and non-local, don’t compare to the high level of service I have repeatedly received at Cary Massage. They have earned a repeat customer. I highly recommend!

By Kimberly W – 9/6/16

 From pulled and sore muscles to a need to relax from life’s stress, Cary Massage has been my go-to for improving both my body and mind.  Anna Anderson is the best.  I’ve had both massages and facials from her and she works wonders.  Both were effective in getting rid of toxins from my face and worked out strains and stress in my body.  I have been a client over 8 years (I think).  On my last visit (which I requested Anna) I came in with extensive pain in my shoulders.  Even the medicine my physician prescribed didn’t help nor the treatment I received from my acupuncturist. Anna worked on my shoulder. When I left I was still in pain and worried that nothing would work.  But Anna had deeply gotten into my muscles and I realized that the “pain” I was in came from Anna’s deep work on relieving my pain. I woke the next morning and my shoulder pain was gone.  I attribute the pain relief to Anna.  She know what she’s doing.  I also love that Cary Massage is a Christian business, is women owned and has fantastic service.  I’ve not just seen Anna.  Every massage therapist I’ve seen has been great.

By Natalie C – 9/6/16

The reasons I needed massage was mainly my back. It was tight and sore from work and resent summer traveling, My massage really made me feel relaxed and my muscles felt relieved. This was my second time ever receiving a massage from Cary Massage, but my first time having Nicole as a therapist. I booked for a one hour Swedish massage, but I received so much more. I received a massage that not only left me feeling relaxed but helped. I could tell Nicole knew a variety of techniques to best help my sore muscles relax. My favorite part though was the quality head massage. I asked for a full body massage but I did not expect that it would include an amazing neck and head massage! it was fantastic! My favorite thing I love about the business is the clean and professional atmosphere. I can tell everything is high quality without me necessarily breaking the bank. I am so thankful I found a place like this, I would definitely recommend it to anyone whether they are new to massage or a veteran!

By Christina N – 9/6/16

Cary Massage has been so good to me! They don’t know it but they’ve been there for and with me through a few milestones!! The couples massage for our wedding anniversary (now married 12 years!) was everything a couple would want including a reason to peek at your neighbor!! The pre-natal massage before my last trimester of our last ity-bitty! She’s now three!! The men’s massage for my hubby alone. He still talks about how it felt for his scalp to be massaged. Apparently, I can’t replicate that. And, most recently the hot stone massage he gifted me with on the day all the kids were out of the house (well, 2 out of 3…felt like all of them were gone!) All this to say I have enjoyed Cary Massage and their Christian basis for years. I feel comfortable there and the prices are reasonable too!! If you haven’t tried them, you are really missing out on a piece of Heaven!!

By Andrea P – 9/6/16

A friend told me about Cary Massage and their amazing therapists so when I was pregnant and desperate for some relief I made an appointment. From the moment I arrived I felt at ease. My therapist was kind and we talked through my trouble areas. The body wedge they had for expecting mothers was wonderful (and optional). I had several massages during my pregnancy from both chain locations as well as upscale 5 star spas – the therapist at Cary Massage was by far my favorite. She seemed knowledgeable about performing massage therapy on pregnant women and wasn’t afraid to apply a little more pressure where I needed it.”

By Whitney F – 9/6/16

My name is Whitney F. and I LOVE Cary Massage! The staff is incredibly honest, loyal and caring! They are professional and they sincerely care about your physical health needs. Last year, I ran a half marathon and a  Swedish massage was just what I needed after the race! Diantha was fantastic! She asked me which muscles felt the most sore after my race and she worked on those muscles until it felt brand new! I walked out of the office feeling amazed and refreshed! For me, Cary Massage has set the standard very high and I cannot see myself visiting any other place!

By Irene A – 9/6/16

Everyday between 9 AM – 6 PM I mostly sit at my work, sometimes do the walk but not much, due to my workload. Last year, August 4th 2015, my boyfriend bought me a gift for deep tissue massage at Cary Massage. I went and tried it, Stacie was my therapist at the time. I got the deep tissue massage and it was ‘AMAZING’ experience. She touched every area, it really helped because I felt relax and had a great sleep at night. Then I went again, this time was a different therapist, and I told her I had a left shoulder backpain. She worked on that area, it was fixed, and I also had a ‘GREAT’ experience. After that, I never looked at any other massage place because I love Cary Massage. I don’t actually ask for a specific therapist, because I do believe that every therapist at Cary Massage is very highly evaluated for their skill set. They all very nice, caring and welcoming. If you still looking for a great place and great massage therapist, I highly recommend Cary Massage for your healthy outcomes!

By Naomi A – 9/6/16

 I have been going to Cary Massage for a couple of years now, and I look forward to every visit! Amy Teo is fantastic! Not only does she do an amazing job alleviating my back and neck pain and tension, but she’s fun to talk to and very personable. Thanks for the great total experience!

By Sharon C – 9/6/16

I would be happy to recommend Cary Massage to any and all that ask.  I have been coming to Cary Massage intermittently over the last ten years.  I have had different therapists each time and have never been disappointed with the level of care, attention to detail, and value of the service I received.  They were able to relieve any pain that I may have had at the time (e.g  lower back, knee, upper back and shoulders) that really made a difference in my quality of life.  Looking forward to going back soon.

By Chris L – 04/09/2013
First I have used y’all for many years (not sure # but you can look it up; it’s been at least ten). I have used others on occasions where circumstances warranted it but I was never as satisfied as with Cary Massage.

Some things I love about your establishment:
* y’all are extremely sensitive to the need for calm and quiet for the person receiving the massage
* everyone speaks in hushed tones so not to disturb others
* the décor is made of dark colors to ensure a calmness
* the window coverings are the kind that have a darkening backing to keep light out
* the music you play is at the perfect sound level to ensure quiet and a peaceful mood
* the music itself is just music, no words, and is always very soothing in nature
* when you’re done the therapists encourages you to not feel rushed and to take your time getting dressed
* when you exit the room you are greeted with a cup of water and a small snack
* when you’re new to getting massages they inform you how important it is to drink plenty of water and to take a warm bath
* after to draw out the toxins released during the massage
* the staff are very gracious and sensitive to the nature of the needs of folks coming in for their services
Over the years I have used several of your therapists.

Once I decorated a cake that was 10″ SQUARE. It was the first time I decorated a cake of that magnitude and when I was done – approximately eight straight hours of piping icing – my arm was so sore I was in horrible pain. I went to Cary Massage and the therapist used stones and massaged my arm ONLY for 30min. My arm was like new again. NO PAIN!!! I was amazed!

Yesterday I received a massage from Anna and it was probably the best massage I have ever received. When I sing Cary Massage’s praises I sing Anna’s too.

By Marlene W – Cary, NC – 10/25/2012
My name is Marlene Wyatt. I have been a client of Cary Massage for 6 + years. This past June 2012, I underwent spinal cord decompression and cervical fusion. After surgery I could not raise my left arm. Two weeks after surgery I had an appointment with Nicole Guzik to begin weekly massages along with my physical therapy exercises. By July 18, I was able to raise my arm. I have continued the weekly massages and have continued to improve greatly. The weekly massages have contributed to the healing process and also helped with the pain, stiffness and muscle tightness. I would not have been so successful with this major surgery without the professional care and support I have received at Cary Massage. I will certainly continue to get weekly massages from Nicole. Her massages are wonderful!

Extremely Pleased! – By Kathy C – Cary, NC – 11/5/2011
I would like to say that I am more than pleased with the service I have been getting at Cary Massage. Helen has been doing some work for my arthritic neck issues and has done a fine job. I couldn’t be happier with the treatment. It’s made a large difference in my range of motion and discomfort that I was feeling.

By Jamie Woodhouse, Marathoner
I’m a 57 year old marathoner. This year, I have proven to myself (again) the value of massage therapy as part of my marathon training. My goal for 2010 was to improve my performance in the Marine Corps Marathon. Nicole at Cary Massage has weekly helped me recover from an increasingly intense training schedule — culminating in a final long training run of 4 hours two weeks before the race. On race day October 31 I managed a finishing time 13 minutes faster than my last marathon in 2008.

I rowed competitively during the 1970s. The best rowers in the world then were West and East Germans, and their squads showed up at races with their own massage therapists. The US rowers found that strange, even funny, until we were routinely beaten by the German crews. I learned the lesson fast — and now I don’t make the investment in training without also making an equivalent investment in massage therapy.

Massage allows me to recover faster from training, which in turn allows still more training, with less risk of injury. And it feels great.

Nicole Guzik and her team at Cary Massage are a crucial part of my marathon training system — and the 2010 results are now in the record book. We’re already getting ready for next year!

Love getting massages here – By lifeulive at Citysearch
I have been going to cary massage for about a year or so now. the staff has always been polite, the atmosphere as soon as you walk in puts you in a relaxed mood. after the massage session, my problem areas are well taken care of and I come out feeling relaxed, rejuvinated and ready to take on life until the next session.

Pros:Very relaxing atmosphere

Healing hands at Cary Massage – By amysprice at Citysearch
I’ve been a client at Cary Massage for about 6 years now. I’ve had deep tissue work done by several practitioners and have always been pleased with the results. For the past three or four years, I’ve seen Nicole almost exclusively. She always helps improve my chronic upper back and neck discomfort, and has also provided relief from sciatica pain, TMJ, and elbow/forearm strain. Thanks to Cary Massage, I only rarely need to take any medication for pain. My job involves a lot of computer work, and getting regular massages has been invaluable in alleviating the aches and pains associated with repetitive movements. The business has recently undergone a change in management and moved to the office suite next door, but the service and experience are as wonderful as ever. Prices are very competitive for this area, and they offer frequent specials and coupons as well. I’m a nurse, and I’m also a big believer in massage therapy as an effective treatment for chronic musculoskeletal problems….Cary Massage is awesome. Book an appointment now.

Pros:Highly skilled therapists, great customer service

The Definition of TLC – By JoeinCary at Citysearch
I’ve been a client of Cary Massage for almost 4 years now. Every time I come in for a massage, I feel at home. I’ve got a crazy schedule, and the therapists go out of their way to fit me in. If you have aches and pains like I do, I would definitely recommend Anna’s deep tissue work. So if you are looking for a great massage and want to feel like a member of the family and not a number, call and schedule a session with Nicole, Anna or the other therapists. You won’t regret becoming a regular at Cary Massage.

Pros:Best Massages Ever

Best place to get a masasge, hands down – By dSchulte at Citysearch
Cary Massage Therapy is the best place I have EVER gotten a massage. From the minute you arrive you are warmly greeted and offered a drink of water (or a cookie!). The staff is amazing and put you at ease right away…before the massage even starts. The ambiance is extremely relaxing and the massages are fantastic, especially from Nicole. She defintely has a magic touch and I always leave wishing I had booked a 2 hour instead of just a one hour. Polite, professional, and even a great sense of humor, Nicole and Cary Massage Therapy are a must for anyone in the Triangle!

Pros:Atmosphere, Staff, Quality of massage…everything!

Wonderful!!! – By Ashley at Google Maps
I found Cary Massage back in February of 2010 (they had recently come under new management) and it has been a wonderful experience! I typically go once or twice a month for an hour massage and facial. Nichole and Anna are beyond wonderful! They are always willing to work with my schedule and try and fit me in, even if they have a full day. I highly recomend them to anyone looking for a place to relax, professional treatment, and a calming attomsphere!